Monday, July 11, 2011

Reiki and the Art of Motorcycle Mainainence

I took an Epic Ride yesterday, 430 miles on a windy loop in one day! I Reiki'd my bike and myself with the power symbol, and my destination and fellow travelers with distance. My bike ran smoothly, I felt joyful and relaxed and for the entire time fellow motorists were considerate and kind. Oh! and I reikied myself so as to minimize and prevent forseen back soreness, saddle soreness, and headaches which often accompany such rides. Only my caboose feels a little "after effects" but I feel great today!

The point is that I have taken Reiki seriously as a tool in my personal wellness toolbox. As we go through life we learn many techniques that are reccomended everyday. We often wonder how we can possibly use them all... a days checklist may seem like this:
(before kids get up)

1. Wake up and meditate
2. Self Reiki
3. Pray the Rosary
4. Brush teeth
5. Smudge the house
6. Reiki the dog
7. Yoga
8. QiGong
9. Chinese tea ceremony
10. Consult your I-Ching
11. Read from your daily reflections book
12. Journal
13. Feed the kids
14. Walk the dog.................
15. Then its 9:00 AM and life continues

I endure the same juggle in life but I find that a daily meditation practice makes more space in my life to simply flow along without too much struggle. (When I choose to enguage).

It's much like our bodies; the millions of functions our bodies have to perform each day just happen because it's both engrained and our healthy practices just make it happen.

So we've added Reiki to our lives... its a big deal but also not a big deal. Most of us are in the immersion phase of our practice which is exciting. Soon though we will integrate it and it will become as natural as drawing breath, or scratching an itch. I know this because I have (sorry Keesha) the gift of ADD.... I can't get enough of Life! So I have to just work things in and create healthy habits, I know that Reiki is a conscious effort but I'm trying to use it everywhere. I have every confidence that as our attunements give us that it will just flow on it's own with little overt imput from me.

For now, I'll enjoy the cliche' and how I applied it to my travel yesterday. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed experience yourself.

Love and Peace!


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