Saturday, July 9, 2011

Distance Healing

This morning I used Reiki to manefest a yogic,  and quigong technique I have known.

Much as prayer does, it is possible to send "blue healing light" in yoga tradition, likewise you can picture a person or even a country and send them good Chi through distance QiGong. This morning I drew the Reiki symbols and sent them to people I have been at odds with and happened to dream about last night. I then sent blue healing light as well.

The benefit to me was a warm feeling in my heart, calmness in my soul. By default performing self Reiki I'm sure.

These practices all seem to strengthen me to the point that one day total bliss will occur and I will just be at peace. A book I have says with respect to "doing the work", " We have ceased fighting everything and everyone."

Today I am at peace.



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