Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day Reiki

Ive wasted no time in putting Reiki into full swing in my life! Yoga students are getting it, people before meetings, my sillly dog. Most profoundly was the practice I did tonight. I sent love and light with the vehicle of Reiki to my children. I was hoping to release the day's thoughts and go to sleep but instead felt inspired to get up at midnight to share this profound experience.

Without a detailed discertation of my life over the last few years, I have been estranged from two of my three adult children. I am not clear of the problem completely, but I've grown to accept the situation. I've had spiritual advice, friendly advice, psych advice but as well meaning as it all has been has offered no real solution. True, patience will be necessary for an indefinite time, but father's day is one time when it truly gets to me and is a little unnerving.

So... I layed in bed imagining them individually. Closing my eyes and opening my hands after a prayer, I gave myself healing energy to my heart then felt a blue/green light go out as I opened my arms to send it. To Katrina I held her head to my shoulder, to Nicholas I placed a finger on  his heart, and to Brandon a full embrace. Much as you know when your phone rings and is recieved I felt an "answer" on the other end... so I left a message. " I love you, Dad."

I can only hope that through your practices in the realm of divine... you can find that miricle that sends light and love over miles and oceans to heal and embrace those to whom you want to send it.



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