Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Value of Spiritual Family

Over the last year, I was introduced to the world of Reiki. Now having my first two attunements, and spent an intensive weekend training I see it's place in my life. The group of people I trained with have now an indellible meaningful place in my life.

Thich Naht Hahn, of course is a well known Buddist monk. He discusses the cocept of the Sanga... people of like mind and the importance of having the Sanga to lean on and learn with. I have several circles of close people in my life, therefore several Sanga's but each family feeds an aspect of my experience.

Hence, my contribution to the effort of creating a fertile ground of discussion among my peers I create this blog. I hope to discuss with each of you my experiences as well as hear about yours.

Clearly I/ we have a creedo to follow and of course issues of privacy to consider as well. Therefore, being a neophite as well I do this in honor of protecting that which we should only discuss in person or protecting the privacy of others. (our clients).

I believe that it is true the saying that, "that which we cannot do alone, we can do together."

I send you all Reiki from my heart and sould and welcome you all as family.


Brian M. Dotson

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