Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ki (Qi) and your blood

I'm finding that I am double posting here and to my yoga and qigong pages... so much similarity! I was reading an article in Qi magazine this morning about Tumo Breathing. Basically using this technique a person can immerse themselves in an ice bath and still feel warm... Well I don't plan on going to that extreme but some points were made that I feel would apply to Reiki.

Reiki posessing the "power" to be sent anywhere or anything is directing energy. In the Qi article it mentions that "blood is the mother of Qi". Practicing QiGong helps the blood to flow therefore moving Qi around the body and helping keep the body purged of disease causing poison and keekping your cells oxygenated. In the article, "Blood can work itself through closed off capillaries when a person is relaxed and increasing Qi in that area." I immediately thought of Reiki!

Consider someone who has circulatory problems to their legs due to diabetes, maybe they cannot move well enough to come to my QiGong class. But maybe the application of Reiki to their legs or even to their lower three chakras (also called 1st dan tian in QG), it would attract blood flow to the legs thereby increasing healthy circulation! This article brough home so much of what the attunements gave me intuitively! So imagine the benefit according to the referenced article on treating the whole body regularly and attracting Qi to all parts of a clients body and the balancing effect it must have!

I recently also read an article (cant find the reference) that cited studies in China that peg the perfect human life expectancy at 120 years. All things being perfect! Just think with regular good care, non abusive excercise good spirit how much deeper into life we can enjoy ourselves without the terrible effects of heart disease, brain disease, cancer, COPD, and all the other problems that add up and compound especially with age. What if we were to use age old methods that keep us young, away from harmful western medications and dancing into our triple digits! Just save lots of money in case your social security wont cover your good living.

Keep up the work my Reiki friends!


Ref: Qi journal of traditional eastern health and fitness Spring 2011

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