Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Did you say GOD?

Yup, we talked about it. Perhaps unexpectedly but we talked about "the God thing".  How does this apply to Reiki, to Yoga, to Meditation? Is it going to effect my religion? Well those of us receiving formal training had plenty of explanation from our teachers and texts to know that it is not the goal. So this article is not to re-state any of that.

I was with my church group tonight talking about how our mission is not to convert the world but just to do the work and let the world decide its path. So I was thinking... about blogging it. We live in a world where we are forced to be suspect of everything, and being railroaded into an alter-call or forced guilt session or conversion mission is a concern for most people.

I work in one setting where part of the foundation of success is to at least know that a Higher power exists. The important thing to know is that You or You or You are not it. So call it HP, Universal Consciousness, Divine Mother, "I am that I am", God, the Flying Spagetti Monster (yes it"s true) or anything you want, the important thing to know is some form of Collective Consciousness keeps the machine running.

The power to heal energetically comes from that Universal giver of the Life Force (Ki). In my (our) training the discussion of attunement was perfect. It is our fine tuned line to that One Gift, that specific channel we can use for that purpose. Now much like a radio, we all have a different brand or spiritual tradition that we use to connect to the "system". Belonging to a certain church, or religion or spiritual affiliation is not required but having a radio of some kind helps. Also mentioned in my spiritual meeting tonight, Niaswami Padma said, "We can make Catholics better Catholics if that's what they need." The same goes with our Reiki path. It's a gift that God meant for us to have, or the magnetism of the class would not have resonated.

As I mentioned in my last installment. It's the importance of having like minds to run things by. Our fellow Reiki practitioners are perfect peers to talk to.

Blessings to you all.


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