Saturday, February 9, 2013

Healing the Shadow Self

As I endeavor into the next phase of my life as a healer, my view of aspects of the metaphysical realm shift and shape continuously. Sometimes I feel truly as the Earth does... sometimes for no reason and sometimes for catastrophic purposes changes poles, so do I have total reversals in my approaches to dealing with life. I suppose it's inconsequential so long as I always maintain the promise to myself to be an "instrument of peace and mercy" (as the prayer of St. Francis so elegantly states).

I'm happy to have resisted the urge to absoulutely define myself as one thing or another in terms of the healing world. I'm in no way unique. In my world I look around at my fellows and see that they too are Seekers like me. My universe nick-name is Drifting Spirit or (Hsein Dao in Chinese) meaning much the same. Taking stops along lifes path to recognize a new teacher, take on a little more family and continue my path of making my Dharmic wellness great.

I am in a Shamanic Apprenticeship as of late. With my Shamanic Teacher Sheila I was discussing the concept of the Shadow Self for which I have been taught methods of Healing Shadow self and other things with the practice of Reiki and Meditative extraction. I think the universally functional definition of Shadow Self is: That part of a person that may contain charactaristics and old habits we have found to be unsavory or from ourselves unlikely to contribute well to ourselves and the world.

Through lift I have discovered many ways of looking at this guy- my shadow self. As a child, Christianity told me that these were sins that I must repent or burn for. Um--- I think not, but I sure have felt ashamed of (my dark side).
My life in Sobriety and my trip through the 12 steps of AA taught me to hunt them down, stare my "character defects in the face", and make amends and ask for God-as I understand God to remove them.
My life in Vedantia simply says, its Karma and once passed there's no reason to re ring the same bell. Just move on and live well.
My Karuna Reiki Teacher William taught us to meet our shadow self. Treat it as a totally seperate being, ask it if there are parts of it that still do serve you and make the choice to embrace parts of this Self or let other parts simply float away like rays of light returning to the sun.

The Imetus for this post is a discussion with my new dear Shamanic Teacher, Sheila. If I understand her correctly, the Shadow Self as much as it needs to be dealt with should be dismissed in it's entirety. Discovered through the act of journeying, those defects of character can be brought up and dismissed by learning the lessons therin.

This post, and the reason I write, blog and create poetry is my way of putting these things in black and white.

Honestly as I pen down the things I find unsavory about me, I'm not sure wheather to save it, burn it or eat the page. The whole business of looking yourself in the eye and drummin up all that crap can be a messy business is painful and quite honestly feel that the only time we should revisit our own stuff is to help mend the harm we've done others. As the Big Book of AA says "Clear away the wreckage of my past." or "we will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it". I still have to wonder if these two statements are diametrically opposed to one another?

As I mentioned, I am a seeker not for the purpose of drifting around looking for a new truth that suits me but because all of these traditions and methods have taught lessons on how to deal with myself.

For now I'll observe closely to see what this journey teaches me about dealing with my dark side. I know the lessons I learn here are inspired by the Universal Spirit as are all the lessons in life. I quite enjoy reexamining my belief system as I disassemble and reassemble Me into a better more modern shiny model of myself, I will be then better to run out and save the world.

Aho, Shanti, Nomaste, Amen!



Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Miracle of Healing

Yes I said Miracle. It sounds cliche but until you truly experience one it will change you outlook completely!

I've been amazingly blessed. Some may have seen my RNJ article about EMS and Reiki that talked about the use of energy work in the "field". Well, recently I was involved in a CPR resuscitation that I'm convinced fell into the Miracle category... or maybe not. Here's what happened. We were stationed not too far from the incident that came in as "unconscious/ unresponsive".

We arrived to find a man in the kitchen. We promptly began CPR, my partner redied the defibrillator, my other partner began to help him breath. After about 30 seconds, we applied one shock which changed the   heart rhythm for the patient. He still had no pulse, but seemed to be having continuing and escalated neurological movement. I was replaced from doing chest compressions, which gave me a chance to sit back and watch.

I closed my eyes and opened my palms discretely, I felt and almost audibly heard him ask me to help him. He needed more than our treatment, he needed a guide back over the threshold of death. I just projected the symbols and told him to follow the Reiki Energy. Within a couple minutes the time came to check his pulse, which he had! He had a good blood pressure!

Our friend had everything going for him, and everything against him. In 27 years I have only been party to 1 other save in the field. I had no reason to believe that he would stand any better of a chance with me that day. On the other hand, because of our system we have the highest save rate in the world. I KNEW the second I touched this man that things were going to turn out fine! 27 years gave me no reason for that  affirmative faith... a few years of working with Source Energy and the gift of Reiki I knew I could be a conduit for his healing. Combined with Clairaudience and Claircognisence I was able to reassure him and apply Source energy where he needed it... to his soul.

I can safely say that if for any reason, in my time as a Reiki Practitioner I had any doubts or reservations then this stopped them all.

I heard a healing master only days ago say that whatever path or method you use as a healer, you have to be 100% ALL IN to truly be great at your skill. It takes maturity and affirmation for most of us, but for Reiki... I am ALL IN.

Brian M Dotson

Monday, December 12, 2011

Is there a doctor in the house??

I am an EMT, it used to really get to my ego to be in a public place when an announcement is made over the public announcement "if there is a doctor in the house please report to...". I usually show up finding no doc there or nearby announcing myself as a firefighter. How about "medical professional?"

It's still a bit of my ego I guess, and people I'm sure mean well.

I recently was volunteering at a location where I am also a Reiki provider, but was simply giving holiday help. That location also hosts readers, psychics, and other energy healers.

I digress, I was volunteering when someone came to me saying someone needs "emergency Reiki". Huh? Emergency Reiki? "How about a Doctor." I asked myself in jest. It was a fellow Lightworker that had tweaked herself.

Having no opportunity to cleanse the room or any of the cool formal stuff I was trained to do, I just had to "go at it". I said a brief prayer and got her breathing under control, and mustered the Reiki guides together. To make it more interesting, for the moment she could only stand up.

All the things I've learned and read came back to me that there really is no protocol. There is only Reiki, ONLY REIKI. Then I related to an article that I have recently written for RJ on Reiki in the streets. Wow! I suppose I really was listening, really trusting and really letting Source and the Reiki guides do what they do. We are just the contact point, the conduit. I do however feel healed whenever I help someone in need. Reiki floods my soul and brings me incredible joy.

So next time you see an emergency, or hear "is there a Doctor in the house", no matter your profession otherwise, send Reiki and love to their moment of great need. It may be a lifesaver.

Peace! Brian

Monday, July 11, 2011

Reiki and the Art of Motorcycle Mainainence

I took an Epic Ride yesterday, 430 miles on a windy loop in one day! I Reiki'd my bike and myself with the power symbol, and my destination and fellow travelers with distance. My bike ran smoothly, I felt joyful and relaxed and for the entire time fellow motorists were considerate and kind. Oh! and I reikied myself so as to minimize and prevent forseen back soreness, saddle soreness, and headaches which often accompany such rides. Only my caboose feels a little "after effects" but I feel great today!

The point is that I have taken Reiki seriously as a tool in my personal wellness toolbox. As we go through life we learn many techniques that are reccomended everyday. We often wonder how we can possibly use them all... a days checklist may seem like this:
(before kids get up)

1. Wake up and meditate
2. Self Reiki
3. Pray the Rosary
4. Brush teeth
5. Smudge the house
6. Reiki the dog
7. Yoga
8. QiGong
9. Chinese tea ceremony
10. Consult your I-Ching
11. Read from your daily reflections book
12. Journal
13. Feed the kids
14. Walk the dog.................
15. Then its 9:00 AM and life continues

I endure the same juggle in life but I find that a daily meditation practice makes more space in my life to simply flow along without too much struggle. (When I choose to enguage).

It's much like our bodies; the millions of functions our bodies have to perform each day just happen because it's both engrained and our healthy practices just make it happen.

So we've added Reiki to our lives... its a big deal but also not a big deal. Most of us are in the immersion phase of our practice which is exciting. Soon though we will integrate it and it will become as natural as drawing breath, or scratching an itch. I know this because I have (sorry Keesha) the gift of ADD.... I can't get enough of Life! So I have to just work things in and create healthy habits, I know that Reiki is a conscious effort but I'm trying to use it everywhere. I have every confidence that as our attunements give us that it will just flow on it's own with little overt imput from me.

For now, I'll enjoy the cliche' and how I applied it to my travel yesterday. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed experience yourself.

Love and Peace!


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Distance Healing

This morning I used Reiki to manefest a yogic,  and quigong technique I have known.

Much as prayer does, it is possible to send "blue healing light" in yoga tradition, likewise you can picture a person or even a country and send them good Chi through distance QiGong. This morning I drew the Reiki symbols and sent them to people I have been at odds with and happened to dream about last night. I then sent blue healing light as well.

The benefit to me was a warm feeling in my heart, calmness in my soul. By default performing self Reiki I'm sure.

These practices all seem to strengthen me to the point that one day total bliss will occur and I will just be at peace. A book I have says with respect to "doing the work", " We have ceased fighting everything and everyone."

Today I am at peace.



Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day Reiki

Ive wasted no time in putting Reiki into full swing in my life! Yoga students are getting it, people before meetings, my sillly dog. Most profoundly was the practice I did tonight. I sent love and light with the vehicle of Reiki to my children. I was hoping to release the day's thoughts and go to sleep but instead felt inspired to get up at midnight to share this profound experience.

Without a detailed discertation of my life over the last few years, I have been estranged from two of my three adult children. I am not clear of the problem completely, but I've grown to accept the situation. I've had spiritual advice, friendly advice, psych advice but as well meaning as it all has been has offered no real solution. True, patience will be necessary for an indefinite time, but father's day is one time when it truly gets to me and is a little unnerving.

So... I layed in bed imagining them individually. Closing my eyes and opening my hands after a prayer, I gave myself healing energy to my heart then felt a blue/green light go out as I opened my arms to send it. To Katrina I held her head to my shoulder, to Nicholas I placed a finger on  his heart, and to Brandon a full embrace. Much as you know when your phone rings and is recieved I felt an "answer" on the other end... so I left a message. " I love you, Dad."

I can only hope that through your practices in the realm of divine... you can find that miricle that sends light and love over miles and oceans to heal and embrace those to whom you want to send it.