Monday, July 11, 2011

Reiki and the Art of Motorcycle Mainainence

I took an Epic Ride yesterday, 430 miles on a windy loop in one day! I Reiki'd my bike and myself with the power symbol, and my destination and fellow travelers with distance. My bike ran smoothly, I felt joyful and relaxed and for the entire time fellow motorists were considerate and kind. Oh! and I reikied myself so as to minimize and prevent forseen back soreness, saddle soreness, and headaches which often accompany such rides. Only my caboose feels a little "after effects" but I feel great today!

The point is that I have taken Reiki seriously as a tool in my personal wellness toolbox. As we go through life we learn many techniques that are reccomended everyday. We often wonder how we can possibly use them all... a days checklist may seem like this:
(before kids get up)

1. Wake up and meditate
2. Self Reiki
3. Pray the Rosary
4. Brush teeth
5. Smudge the house
6. Reiki the dog
7. Yoga
8. QiGong
9. Chinese tea ceremony
10. Consult your I-Ching
11. Read from your daily reflections book
12. Journal
13. Feed the kids
14. Walk the dog.................
15. Then its 9:00 AM and life continues

I endure the same juggle in life but I find that a daily meditation practice makes more space in my life to simply flow along without too much struggle. (When I choose to enguage).

It's much like our bodies; the millions of functions our bodies have to perform each day just happen because it's both engrained and our healthy practices just make it happen.

So we've added Reiki to our lives... its a big deal but also not a big deal. Most of us are in the immersion phase of our practice which is exciting. Soon though we will integrate it and it will become as natural as drawing breath, or scratching an itch. I know this because I have (sorry Keesha) the gift of ADD.... I can't get enough of Life! So I have to just work things in and create healthy habits, I know that Reiki is a conscious effort but I'm trying to use it everywhere. I have every confidence that as our attunements give us that it will just flow on it's own with little overt imput from me.

For now, I'll enjoy the cliche' and how I applied it to my travel yesterday. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed experience yourself.

Love and Peace!


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Distance Healing

This morning I used Reiki to manefest a yogic,  and quigong technique I have known.

Much as prayer does, it is possible to send "blue healing light" in yoga tradition, likewise you can picture a person or even a country and send them good Chi through distance QiGong. This morning I drew the Reiki symbols and sent them to people I have been at odds with and happened to dream about last night. I then sent blue healing light as well.

The benefit to me was a warm feeling in my heart, calmness in my soul. By default performing self Reiki I'm sure.

These practices all seem to strengthen me to the point that one day total bliss will occur and I will just be at peace. A book I have says with respect to "doing the work", " We have ceased fighting everything and everyone."

Today I am at peace.



Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day Reiki

Ive wasted no time in putting Reiki into full swing in my life! Yoga students are getting it, people before meetings, my sillly dog. Most profoundly was the practice I did tonight. I sent love and light with the vehicle of Reiki to my children. I was hoping to release the day's thoughts and go to sleep but instead felt inspired to get up at midnight to share this profound experience.

Without a detailed discertation of my life over the last few years, I have been estranged from two of my three adult children. I am not clear of the problem completely, but I've grown to accept the situation. I've had spiritual advice, friendly advice, psych advice but as well meaning as it all has been has offered no real solution. True, patience will be necessary for an indefinite time, but father's day is one time when it truly gets to me and is a little unnerving.

So... I layed in bed imagining them individually. Closing my eyes and opening my hands after a prayer, I gave myself healing energy to my heart then felt a blue/green light go out as I opened my arms to send it. To Katrina I held her head to my shoulder, to Nicholas I placed a finger on  his heart, and to Brandon a full embrace. Much as you know when your phone rings and is recieved I felt an "answer" on the other end... so I left a message. " I love you, Dad."

I can only hope that through your practices in the realm of divine... you can find that miricle that sends light and love over miles and oceans to heal and embrace those to whom you want to send it.



Monday, June 6, 2011

Self Reiki

I have been having lower back problems on and off since a minor injury last fall. I wake up afraid that even the act of getting out of bed will create misery. (Not conducive to the fire department job.) My chiropractor, ice, and Ibuprophen have brought some relief but even teaching yoga has still remained.

Lately I've been adding Self Reiki to my personal Sadana, (my morning self care routine). It has almost fully kept the discomfort at bay! Paridoxically as a man of metaphysics, yet I still have an empirical side that demands validation! So I've been giving Reiki to my knee which has been rather difficult lately. Wouldn't you know it? It has been improving!

 I must say.... how very cool this young journey has been thus far!


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ki (Qi) and your blood

I'm finding that I am double posting here and to my yoga and qigong pages... so much similarity! I was reading an article in Qi magazine this morning about Tumo Breathing. Basically using this technique a person can immerse themselves in an ice bath and still feel warm... Well I don't plan on going to that extreme but some points were made that I feel would apply to Reiki.

Reiki posessing the "power" to be sent anywhere or anything is directing energy. In the Qi article it mentions that "blood is the mother of Qi". Practicing QiGong helps the blood to flow therefore moving Qi around the body and helping keep the body purged of disease causing poison and keekping your cells oxygenated. In the article, "Blood can work itself through closed off capillaries when a person is relaxed and increasing Qi in that area." I immediately thought of Reiki!

Consider someone who has circulatory problems to their legs due to diabetes, maybe they cannot move well enough to come to my QiGong class. But maybe the application of Reiki to their legs or even to their lower three chakras (also called 1st dan tian in QG), it would attract blood flow to the legs thereby increasing healthy circulation! This article brough home so much of what the attunements gave me intuitively! So imagine the benefit according to the referenced article on treating the whole body regularly and attracting Qi to all parts of a clients body and the balancing effect it must have!

I recently also read an article (cant find the reference) that cited studies in China that peg the perfect human life expectancy at 120 years. All things being perfect! Just think with regular good care, non abusive excercise good spirit how much deeper into life we can enjoy ourselves without the terrible effects of heart disease, brain disease, cancer, COPD, and all the other problems that add up and compound especially with age. What if we were to use age old methods that keep us young, away from harmful western medications and dancing into our triple digits! Just save lots of money in case your social security wont cover your good living.

Keep up the work my Reiki friends!


Ref: Qi journal of traditional eastern health and fitness Spring 2011

Saturday, May 28, 2011


One practice we should all learn, or pay attention to is mindfulness. This is one of the centeral practices of Buddhism but serves to be practical in all parts of life. Yoga brings us union between our physical selves, and our spirit through movement and pranyam. QiGong acts much the same way, paying attention to energy flow focus and pranyam. Reiki packs much the same power where good mindful intention is transmitted to a desired "target".

Interestingly, this weekend I chose to work in service to one of my places of practice I call this Seva Yoga, or Karma Yoga... yoga of service. During this practice I relaxed into a total state of zen and mindfulness, focusing on the work as meditation... as work for God. When I was done, I then had to refocus on the sometimes dreadful task of auto maintainence. (One was my motorcycle if you get the metaphor.)

I talk to my Yoga and QiGong students always about Itention. Intention is transforming positive or even devotional mindfulness into energy that we can then "infuse" into our task. The old song, "Whistle While You Work" is a song about bringing joy to your work. Which of the Seven Dwarfs would you rather prepare your meal, fix your car, or clean your home? Grumpy? or Happy? Logically the outcome can only be enhanced with a joyful provider. Now what if the work was not only happy, but you were to recieve it with joy? Mindfully acknowleging, "I am recieving this service with an attitude of joy, and thankfulness."  Wouldn't that be much nicer?

This author is human and fallable and sometimes not in my Zen state of mind. As I tread the spiritual path longer, and grow more grey hair I tend to find that the way of Joy and the way of Mindfullness serves me well and acts as a testament to those around me of the benefits of such a way of life.

Long before the spiritual path came into play, I learned about the "self fullfiling prophecy" and "the power of positive thinking". I began to attempt those practices long before understanding the deeper tools I have since learned to apply them more intentionally.

I've learned to call it Magnatism, or Reiki, or being an instrument of God. In any case I think it serves us all to be mindfull of the energy we put into our every moment an that which we broadcast to others.



Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Did you say GOD?

Yup, we talked about it. Perhaps unexpectedly but we talked about "the God thing".  How does this apply to Reiki, to Yoga, to Meditation? Is it going to effect my religion? Well those of us receiving formal training had plenty of explanation from our teachers and texts to know that it is not the goal. So this article is not to re-state any of that.

I was with my church group tonight talking about how our mission is not to convert the world but just to do the work and let the world decide its path. So I was thinking... about blogging it. We live in a world where we are forced to be suspect of everything, and being railroaded into an alter-call or forced guilt session or conversion mission is a concern for most people.

I work in one setting where part of the foundation of success is to at least know that a Higher power exists. The important thing to know is that You or You or You are not it. So call it HP, Universal Consciousness, Divine Mother, "I am that I am", God, the Flying Spagetti Monster (yes it"s true) or anything you want, the important thing to know is some form of Collective Consciousness keeps the machine running.

The power to heal energetically comes from that Universal giver of the Life Force (Ki). In my (our) training the discussion of attunement was perfect. It is our fine tuned line to that One Gift, that specific channel we can use for that purpose. Now much like a radio, we all have a different brand or spiritual tradition that we use to connect to the "system". Belonging to a certain church, or religion or spiritual affiliation is not required but having a radio of some kind helps. Also mentioned in my spiritual meeting tonight, Niaswami Padma said, "We can make Catholics better Catholics if that's what they need." The same goes with our Reiki path. It's a gift that God meant for us to have, or the magnetism of the class would not have resonated.

As I mentioned in my last installment. It's the importance of having like minds to run things by. Our fellow Reiki practitioners are perfect peers to talk to.

Blessings to you all.